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About PDS - HVAC


PDS-HVAC Holland B.V. is an all-round service and maintenance company in the climate technology sector.

Our history


The young company, PDS-HVAC Holland BV, was founded by Michael van Rij, a Dutchman with extensive experience in HVAC. He has had a fascination with technology since a young age, and now his passion has become his profession.

During his time at Van Galen in Rotterdam, Michael gathered specialized knowledge in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

In 2017, he undertook significant maritime projects in the South of France, where he converted old systems to meet new requirements such as ISO 9001 quality standards and F-gas regulations. Through these diverse projects on various types of boats, he gained valuable experience and identified areas for improvement. Recognizing the potential in the market, he decided to establish PDS-HVAC in 2019, driven by the readiness of the market and his own expertise.


PDS-HVAC has achieved several milestones, including opening a new location in Cannes, France, in 2020 and merging with Innovative Climate Solutions in 2023. Currently, the company employs eight professionals who offer comprehensive HVAC solutions.

Current time, expanding the team

Looking back on the founding of PDS-HVAC in 2020, Michael takes pride in the pleasant and professional team he has built. With their complementary specializations, they can provide complete HVAC solutions to their clients. The company's vision is to continue growing, ensuring service continuity for existing clients and allowing time for new projects. The merger with Innovative Climate Solutions in 2023 further supports this vision. For updates and insights, the company encourages readers to follow their blog.

Our Team

Meet The Crew

Michael van Rij

Owner & Engineer

Kevin van Genderen

Owner & Engineer