We know that air conditioning is one of the most important things on board or in the office. This is why at PDS-HVAC Holland we make sure that your service, maintenance, or refit will be done as should be and will be done in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Our employees are well trained and always updated on the latest regulations. Our employees have their F-gasses certificate and will always perform the service, maintenance following the F-gasses and BRL100 regulations.

The service and maintenance visit will be done as follows :

  • Electronic leak test of the installation
  • Full run test with service report and recommendations
  • If requested we will take oil samples which will be investigated in a laboratory.
  • Chilled water analysis will be investigated in a laboratory.
  • This online environment of our reports and official documents is always accessible and available for every installation.

Recommendations :

From our experience, we see a lot of debris and dirt in the chilled water circuits. This will cause problems with efficiency and will reduce the lifespan of the installation. That’s why we are offering the following :

Installing a partial flow filter and cleaning of the cooled water circuit. With the help of a specialised laboratory that supplies our cleaning products, glycol and anti-corrosion inhibitors. This process will extend the life of your installation, improve its efficiency, and reduce the risk of leaks and malfunctions. By installing a partial filter and cleaning the chilled water loop you can save easily 10 to 25% of energy costs a year.

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