PDS-HVAC Holland B.V. is an all-round service and maintenance company in the climate technology sector.

    Team pds-hvac aan dekHistory

    The young company is founded by two enthusiastic Dutchmen, Michael van Rij and Remco Stigter, both with extensive experience in HVAC. "We have, from an early age, been fascinated by everything that has to do with technology. Now our passion is our job."

    We used to be colleagues at Van Galen in Rotterdam, that’s where we gathered our specialized knowledge.  Remco specializes in Heating Ventilation and Michael knows everything about Air Conditioning.

    In 2017 we crossed paths again, this time in the South of France. We did big maritime projects of a ton and more converting old systems to meet new requirements such as the quality standards ISO 9001 and F-gasses. We gained experience through a multitude of different projects and all types of boats. But we also saw where things could be improved. A smaller boat also deserves attention, products that were used were outdated. We were ready, the market too. We saw an opportunity, we had the skills. In 2019 PDS-HVAC was a fact.


    • Two new employees this year
    • New location in the South of France, Cannes 2020

    Current time, expanding the team

    Looking back on the founding of PDS-HVAC Holland BV, 2 years ago now, I am very proud of the pleasant and professional team that we have now, which has complementary specializations and so offers complete HVAC solutions. It is our vision to keep growing. This way we are able to guarantee continuity of service to our clients and to free up time for new projects. Keep an eye out for our blog.

    Meet Our Team

    We have build op a steady team of quality engineers. We also have career possibilities. Check this page for the latest job opportunities. We also a certified training company for apprentice mechanics. We offer very interesting internships for students working in the yacht industry in the Mediterranean area.

    Michael van Rij
    Michael van RijCommissioning engineer
    HVAC specialist
    Julian Simonis
    Julian SimonisJunior technician
    Technical education The Netherlands
    Rinke Willem Hibma
    Rinke Willem HibmaJunior technician
    Technical education The Netherlands
    DW van Rij
    DW van RijEngineer
    Technical education The Netherlands


    PDS-HVAC Holland B.V. is an all-round service and maintenance company in the climate technology sector. We are specialized in climate control, air conditioning, air treatment and also in cooling and freezing installations in the maritime sector as well as villas, HORECA and industrial buildings.