PDS-HVAC is a reliable Dutch partner who has years of experience in software platforms for mechanical engineering, measurement, and control installations. By applying the latest software PDS-HVAC is able to translate the customer’s preference into a perfectly working, customized product. Our process starts by listening to the needs of our clients before designing the software, this allows us to offer a waterproof, personalized solution.

In close cooperation with our software partner, we can supply complete control of installations. Benefits include:

  • Remote assistance and logging of selected parameters;
  • Separate login for different users;
  • Automatic adjustment of the chilled water setpoint;
  • Automatic change over of compressors;

Synergy by parallel design of software and hardware
Our hardware and software engineering run in parallel to guarantee the best fit between the two. Thanks to the close collaboration of these two disciplines at PDS-HVAC, we can provide the perfect automation solution for your project. Rest assured that your house or yacht will be entirely automated according to your needs and specifications and are in line with the norms and regulations.

Want more information on software for HVAC?

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