The Walk in fridge or Freezer needs to be on temperature no matter  what. That’s why the Provision cool and freeze plants has our special attention. At PDS-HVAC you are at the right place for this matter. Our high quality service and maintenance plan will make sure everything  is checked and controlled. We If there is malfunction in the provision and freeze plant, most of the time we can repair this instantly.  Since we have a wide range of experience with fridge and freezer systems and ample spare-parts and spare refrigeration gas in stock readily available. 

For every service and maintenance visit we follow a structured proces: 

  1. Electronic leak test of the installation 
  2. Full run test with service report and recommendations 
  3. If requested oil replacement of the compressors 

All our reports and official documents hosted in an online environment. Through this document management system we always have the latest document and report version accessible of every installation we have worked on.  

Provision cool and freeze plants Refits

For refits of your Provision cool and freeze plants you are at the right place with PDS-HVAC. With our well selected Provision cooling and Freeze Plants we have all your needs onboard. Our provision cooling and freeze plants always come with the latest technology and the refrigeration gas that is selected with a low GWP. This way we think about the environment and you will save on your energy cost.   

Want more information about Provision Cool and freeze Plants?

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